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This will include a personalised message and signed paperback copy of this book.


Book Description:


Just when I thought I could finally find my place and belong in a pack, fate had other plans. The sting of betrayal cut deep.

As the dust settled from the devastating blow that threatened to shatter the fragile trust between Cannon and me, we both struggled to confront the harsh realities of our world. Fueled by a thirst for revenge, my heart was torn between the hunger for retribution and the longing for reconciliation.

As I prepared to fight for my pack, I knew the stakes had been raised, and everything was on the line. At every turn, danger threatened, and with each step forward, uncertainty hung in the air—not only ahead, but also within.

Knowing I had yet to face my most formidable adversary, I realized it was time to reclaim what was rightfully mine. I wasn’t running anymore.

It was time to fight…and win the ultimate end game.

Signed Copy of Wolf's Endgame

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