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Blackridge Peak

Embark on a captivating journey with The Blackridge Peak Series, a spellbinding paranormal romance saga centered around the enigmatic world of wolf shifters. Immerse yourself in the complexities of pack politics, old rivalries, and gripping intrigue, while searching for that sense of belonging.

Follow Kezia's journey as she seeks to find her place in the world as she discovers a threat more dangerous than a lone wolf.


Filled with heart-pounding action, thrilling adventure, and the quest for identity, all the while resisting the irresistible pull of a destined mate, this series is a captivating tale of love, danger, and self-discovery that will keep you hooked until the very end.


Are you ready to surrender to the irresistible call of The Blackridge Peak Series?

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what they're saying

I cannot recommend this book enough. I literally could not put it down. This book had me hooked from the first chapter. 


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It's not just misfortune that's following me...


My whole life, I’ve been the outsider. The wolves of the Anterrio Pack took my brother and me into their pack after our parents died.

To the pack, I remained the wild, untamed misfit despite my efforts to belong.

Running from the only home I’d ever known, I longed for a fresh start. But in an unfamiliar human world, finding my place proved to be another challenge, as trouble followed me relentlessly.

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It wasn't a bond I should have been was a betrayal.


Sent back to the human world by my brother and the shaman, I found refuge among humans, reconnecting with an old friend who urged me to embrace the life I left behind. Yet, my shelter was short-lived when the alpha, Cannon, captured me once more.

In his pack, I witnessed the stark differences between the pack I came from and the Blackridge Peak Pack. I longed to belong to a community as free as this—all the while resisting the magnetic pull towards the alpha.

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It's time to end this.


Just when I thought I could finally find my place and belong in a pack, fate had other plans. The sting of betrayal cut deep.

As the dust settled from the devastating blow that threatened to shatter the fragile trust between Cannon and me, we both struggled to confront the harsh realities of our world. Fueled by a thirst for revenge, my heart was torn between the hunger for retribution and the longing for reconciliation.

As I prepared to fight for my pack, I knew the stakes had been raised, and everything was on the line. 

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