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Indie Love Anthology is now LIVE!

The Indie Love Anthology: Hiraeth is now live and available for 99p/99c for a limited time. Haven't got your copy yet? Click here.


Hiraeth is a difficult word to define.

It is a sickness, a tug on the heart in the direction of home.

It is nostalgia, a sense of yearning for a person who belongs in the past, a grief for something irretrievably lost.

It is longing, the what-ifs, should-nots and could have beens.

An ancient sadness rooted in your bones.

Discover how eight authors take the theme of Hiraeth and use it to weave tales of belonging, love and second chances in this incredible anthology, brought to you by Indie Love.

All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to a mental health charity.

My story in this anthology is a small town romance and is called "Where Your Heart Is."

See what readers are saying about it, below.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Perfect, brilliant and very thought provoking story" - Amazon Reviewer ️️️️️

“This was a sweet small town romance which gives ya a few laughs and that ‘feel good’ feeling.” - Amazon Reviewer ️

“Beautifully written Mark and Iris's story is what we all dream of for ourselves'll love this story....and you'll fall in love with love.” - Goodreads Reviewer ️️️️️

“Overall this was a sweet small town romance which will tug on your heart strings, with a few giggles thrown in to balance it out.” - Amazon Reviewer ️️️️️

Grab your copy today, and don't forget that in buying this anthology, you're contributing to a great cause.

Thank you!

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