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Order of the Ravens Series (Book 1)

My new series fantasy adventure begins this October with Knight of Sword & Shadow, book 1 of my Order of the Ravens Series.

I cannot wait to share this new series with you, but for today let me share the new cover and the blurb.

Oh and the preorder link!

Book Description:

In a world of shadow, can one hero shine?

When scandal and disgrace fall upon the Order of the Conclave, Bastian and his Order are forced to hide who they are proud to be. Cast out, shunned and scorned by those who were once honoured to use their services, Bastian and his men are left with no choice but to become mercenaries. Moving across the Five Kingdoms, they restore peace for coin, shedding blood for others’ gain.

Tasked with the job of escorting a noblewoman and her handmaiden across the Sand Seas, Bastian soon realises not all is as it should be. Something evil poisons the lands, as whispers of revolt and rebellion are once again murmured among the courts.

In the halls of his Order, Bastian is entrusted with a mission. He knows this shouldn’t be his fight, but the duty to his Order, his comrades, and his mysterious travelling companions weighs heavily on him.

The mission is so dangerous and deadly only a fool would take it…and only a coward would refuse it.

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