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This will include a personalised message and signed paperback copy of this book.


Book Description:


I left the world of my strict upbringing long ago, embracing a new life with no restrictions. But now a relentless private investigator is hot on my trail.

Cooper Carter seems determined to return me to the prison I escaped. He’s an enigma, cold and unfeeling, yet I sense the fire within him waiting to be unleashed.

My plan is simple. If I must return to the nightmare that I ran from…I’m taking Cooper with me.

It was just another job, a straightforward seek and retrieve, but Faith Hunter is far from simple. Her sharp wit and spirited nature make her a captivating challenge.

Faith says her past is full of monsters who only want to use her for their own gain. An arranged marriage awaits her return, and somehow she’s talked me into faking a relationship.

Yet, Faith’s plan has a crucial flaw. She doesn’t truly know me, or how far I’ll go to get what I want. Soon she’ll realize that the only monster she needs to be wary of…is me.

Signed copy of Broken by Faith

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