Signed Copy Of Indian Summer

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Story description...

You’d think the universe would toss me a break after the year I’d had.

I made a plan, one that would give me a fresh start in a new town where no one knew me. 

It should have been simple, but nothing is ever as easy as it should be when starting over.

New town, new school, and a new life. It sounded easy enough, or I’d thought it had.

It wasn’t.

People from my past were showing up, and those people just happened to be part of the reason I ran.

Colton Dawson, hot older brother to my ex? He’s the main reason I was here, starting over.

Now he and my ex were back in my life, and my past was colliding with my future. He could destroy me, or he could save me. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted more.

These boys were shrouded in dark secrets, and I was about to be thrown into the middle of something I didn’t ask for.

Will we survive the secrets, or will the world come unravelling around us and ruin everything I tried to achieve by starting over?

Signed Copy Of Indian Summer

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