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Book Description:


I enjoy the peaceful life I’ve built, but when my brother arrives unexpectedly in town for work, I know my quiet routine will be shattered. To further complicate things, I know that his best friend—my ex—won’t be far behind.

Dallas Elliot made it clear to me long ago that he didn’t want a relationship. To prevent history from repeating itself, I plan to avoid the man who broke my heart.

Too bad fate has other plans.

I’ve always known that Grace Slater was off-limits. She’s the only girl I broke my “no relationship” rule for, but I cut my losses before my best friend cut me out of his life.

The job we’re working shouldn’t involve Grace. It definitely shouldn’t have put her in danger. I vowed to keep her safe, no matter what. Keeping it professional won’t be a problem since she hates me.

Seeing her flustered when I push her buttons is just a perk of being around her…I’m just not prepared when she pushes back.

Signed copy of Torn by Grace

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