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This will include a personalised message and signed paperback copy of this book. 


Story description...


Opposites attract…and we’re complete opposites in every way.


Hope Walker is quiet, studious and someone I have overlooked for far too long. But when I crash her study session in the library, it’s clear she knows exactly who I am.


It would seem that my playboy reputation precedes me, and for once, I wish it wouldn’t.


Because the more I get to know the girl hiding behind the books, the more I want her.


After she helps my friends and I out, I wonder how I could have been so blind to what’s been right in front of me all along.


My friends are my family, like brothers, but our bond is stronger than blood—and that bond is currently being tested.


When a dangerous enemy threatens to take her away from me, I will do anything to keep her safe. Even get my hands dirty…and lie to my brothers.


When the truth catches up with me, will it break our bond for good?

Signed Copy Of Unbroken Bonds

SKU: 003

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