Signed Copy Of Unbroken Bonds

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Story description...

They say opposites attract, and that is certainly true for Hope Walker and myself. She is everything I am not, yet everything I am starting to crave. I am a self-confessed lady’s man, a player, and a flirt. She is quiet, plain and unassuming. Someone who I have overlooked time and time again. But when she helps my friends and I out of an awkward situation, I begin to wonder how I could have been so blind.

You see, my friends and I share a bond closer than brothers—even though that bond is currently being tested. 

But things are never easy for myself or my friends, and when a dangerous enemy threatens the one woman I know I shouldn’t want but can’t seem to deny, I will do anything to keep her safe. Including competing in an underground fight club. 

When the hidden truths are finally spoken, will the bond stay strong? Or is our bond about to break?

Unbroken Bonds is Book 3 in the Boulder Series. This book must be read after both book one and two, it is a continuation of the story and is not a standalone book.

Signed Copy Of Unbroken Bonds

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