Signed Copy Of Unbroken Bonds

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I’m a player. A ladies’ man. That’s what my friend Ari calls me. Has always called me. I’m ok with that. It’s not only who I am.My two best friends help make me who I am.With a bond closer than brothers. Recently, our bond has been tested. I’m trying to move past it.There are unspoken truths and secrets. Dangerous secrets.And Hope Walker? Have I ever met a more frustrating woman? I know I can’t have her. I know I shouldn’t want her, she’s really not my type. She’s made it perfectly clear, I’m not her type.When did my life become such a mess? I need more time, but time is running out.Is our bond about to break?-----Unbroken Bonds is book 3 in the Boulder Series. This book should be read after both book one and two.

Signed Copy Of Unbroken Bonds

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