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Book Description:


My whole life, I’ve been the outsider. The wolves of the Anterrio Pack took my brother and me into their pack after our parents died. 

To the pack, I remained the wild, untamed misfit despite my efforts to belong.

My first heat loomed ahead of the Luna Ball, and once again, I found myself attracting unwelcome attention, not just from my pack but also from the visiting Blackridge Peak Pack.

When my brother suspected their new alpha might hold answers about our past, he refused to put me at risk while he searched for the truth. Instead, he set me free from a pack that never truly accepted me.

Running from the only home I’d ever known, I longed for a fresh start. But in an unfamiliar human world, finding my place proved to be another challenge, as trouble followed me relentlessly.

Until I realized it was not just misfortune that was dogging my heels.

It’s an alpha.

Content information: Wolf’s Gambit is a paranormal romance, the first book in The Blackridge Peak series. Recommended reading age is 18+ due to sexual content, mature language, violence, and some mature themes. This is book 1 in a continuing series and ends on a cliffhanger.

Signed copy of Wolf's Gambit

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