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A Surprise Release

Updated: Feb 13

I'm a bit late this Monday because I have a surprise!

We all know that Valentine's Day is this week and I am a notoriously bad planner with book releases etc, so usually for any Holiday, I don't release anything. I managed it once, but that was 2019...

And I kind of accepted that this was just me.

Until today! Kind of...

It's not live yet - but I have put together an anthology/collection of my short stories in time (just) for Valentine's Day! A Collection of Short Romances will be available later today (def. Monday for the US, the rest of us will wake up to it).

Lose yourself in this captivating collection of quick romance reads, where each story delivers a delightful escape filled with heartwarming moments. Experience the perfect blend of love and excitement, as you satisfy your craving for romance.

The previously released short stories in this collection are:

For the Win

Where the Heart Is

A Romance for Christmas

As well as a brand new short story:

Not Your Girl

Available to buy or on Kindle Unlimited - HERE.

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