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A Toast to the Editors

On Saturday, I received Book 2, Wolf's Betrayal, back from the editor, the first pass of edits is done and ready for me to look at.

I find editing weird. I mean, the lord knows I don't really give a hoot where the comma goes, and I will never ever learn not to write a dangling modifier, so I don't dispute how hard a job editors have.


I may be a sensitive soul, and other authors may love this part, but editing makes me uncomfortable. The whole "open to critique" thing is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you need that to produce a better book, a more polished book. On the other hand, it's making yourself vulnerable.

Yes, it's exactly what you need, and make no mistake, my editor is an absolute sweetheart, but when I get a "What are you trying to say?" or a "This guy's an a**hole" - my little heart lurches with dread.

When I get an email, saying "Here's the first pass" - I open it gently, preparing myself for the good and the bad and a very long, usually uncomfortable, few hours.

BUT, without editing, and honest feedback, how else would I make my book better? It's all about polishing the product so that you, the reader, get the best I can give you.

So while editing fills me with dread, it's a very very necessary step.

Therefore, as I send the revised book back to the editor, I'd like to raise my coffee cup to toast the editors. I wouldn't do your job, also, I couldn't do your job, and I am very grateful that you do.


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