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Great Writing Week

I had such an enjoyable week writing this book. I also had a really busy week at the day job, but I still managed over 17,000 words. I'm calling it a great week because the words are flowing...effortlessly.

This is book 2, and my characters are quite happy chatting with me and keeping me informed of all that's happening. This is huge. I am not about to start telling them not to, but alas, I had to stop today because it's Conference Championship weekend, which means I only have three games until the NFL season is over. 😞

I reckon I have three chapters to write in this book, and then it's on to a short story, and a novella before I start book 3.

Don't forget it's cover reveal this Friday, exclusively in my Newsletter. I am SO excited to share the covers (yes you read that right), and the blurb for book 1!

Make sure you're signed up to see them or wait til next Monday, when I will share them here.

Have a great week!

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