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This will include a personalised message and signed paperback copy of this book. 


Book description:

As the Darkness threatens, the Drakhyn become bolder in their attacks, no longer content to remain in the shadows. 

Akrhyn are divided. Factions within the Great Council are becoming ruthless in their endeavours to rid the authority of Lycans and Vampyres. 

At the Vampyre Court, the Made are isolated and under attack with no promise of aid.

A prophecy has been revealed, formed by fate and bound at birth. A Castor so powerful it is feared by some that the Flame will consume him. A Mentor and an Alpha must protect him from danger…and himself. 

Two Heirs of one House. One a Blade. One a Stone. Their father the Forger who must hone them both for the battle ahead. 

The weapons of the Storm need to be ready.

War is here.

The epic fantasy series concludes in this stunning finale.

Signed copy of From the Darkness

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