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This will include a personalised message and signed paperback copy of this book. 


Book description:


She is his enemy. He is her nightmare.

Three football stars who have it all: looks, money, talent and the world at their feet. No one messes with the Devils. You’re either with them or against them…and you’d have to be stupid to be against them. 

Ava isn’t stupid, but one night of being in the wrong place at the right time is coming back to haunt her. One of the Santo boys—Jett—is out for blood. Specifically, her blood. Thankfully, he doesn’t know who she is, and Ava plans to keep it that way. 

Sophomore year threatens to stop Jett's progression to the championships and, more importantly, his plan to play in the NFL. All because of some mystery blonde. But he has a plan: find the threat and eliminate the threat. Jett is ruthless in his pursuit to find the girl who threatens his career. 

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and neither is prepared for the consequences when they cross that line.

Three guys, three girls, one game. Are you ready to meet the Devils?

Content warning: please note that there are elements of this story that may be disturbing to some readers. The story involves an incident of drink spiking but there is no non-con involved. 

Signed Copy of Ruthless Heart

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