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A Simple Book Review

It's Monday morning and being an NFL lover in the UK during playoff season is not good for the bags under my eyes. However, it is my choice to watch the games live - so I can't really complain (but I will).

It also dared to snow most of yesterday, and this morning those white flakes are still falling. Now I hurriedly jump in here to acknowledge that our snow and cold are not on the same level as weather seen in North America - but for us(me) - it's enough.

It's -1ºC (30ºF) and a wee bit nippy on the toes.

However, enough of football and weather, back to books. Despite all my best intentions on a Sunday, I usually do little on the actual adding to the word count on current projects and get distracted easily.

Yesterday was no different.

My sig. other, Mr. M. bought me two books for Christmas, and "Fourth Wing" was opened yesterday. I started it yesterday and I finished it yesterday - yes I read fast and remember that I also had a long day/night due to watching two games of football 🏈.

*I ack. the lack of inspirational photo for you, I need to up my blogger skills, instead of taking a snap of a book on my couch 😂

I really enjoyed it. It was well-told and fast-paced. The tension was exquisite between Violet and Xaden, and it had lots and lots of action in it. It was a classic enemies-to-lovers trope, which is my favourite trope, and overall, this book ticked lots of boxes.

I knew very little about this book going in, apart from the general "everyone is raving about it" and I was sure dragons were involved, but not how. I also knew there were lots of "OMG that ending" on social media that I had seen, but not what the ending was (thankfully) - and honestly, that's my only criticism. I didn't have an "OMG" moment, I was quietly confident that's where the story was heading, and I wasn't left dangling off the edge of the cliff desperate for book 2.

BUT that did not deter me from my enjoyment of the book, nor will it deter me from reading book 2. Just because you may not have that "argh!" moment when a twist in a plot comes, doesn't mean the story is not enjoyable.

So overall, a good enjoyable story, that's well told. I give it five shiny stars.

In other news, Book 2 in my PNR is coming along nicely. My three beta readers have now all read Book 1 and the feedback is positive. Yay me.

I am halfway through Book 2 and I like where the story is and am keen to see where it's heading. You could say I should know because I'm the funny thing you. Look at you, making jokes.

More on my PNR series next time though.

If you've read "Fourth Wing" let me know in the comments - but please no spoilers for either book 1 or book 2.

Have a great week!

Eve x

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