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It's Release Day!

Beautifully Broken is LIVE and available on Kindle and FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Bloggers and ARC members alike are LOVING this book - so what are you waiting for? Download this mafia romance onto your e-reader here.


It wasn’t my plan to be noticed.

I’d spent almost two years of my life being invisible.

But one night changed it all.

I saw too much.

I didn’t see enough. 

I can’t outrun him. 

He will catch me.

I can’t hide from him. 

He will find me.

I can’t disappear.

He is always watching.

He tells me he is waiting to decide what to do with me. Does he even care that he holds so much power over me? My life is in his hands and as I wait, the pull towards him…scares me.


She thinks she didn’t see enough.

She sees too much.

She thinks she can run.

She can’t run from me.

She thinks I will forget.

I never forget.

She thinks she’s invisible.

She is all I see.

What started out as a simple job, will become the biggest fight that I’ve ever faced. 

*This is Book 2 of The Denver Series, but can be read as a standalone novel. You do not need to have read Her Greatest Mistake to enjoy this book, but if you want to enjoy the series, it is recommended to read Book 1 first.

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