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Pre-Order Blast!

A Blaze of Stars & Dawn is coming February 2, 2022 - have you pre-ordered yet?

Pre-order link: A Blaze of Stars & Dawn

The angels are falling.

They’re coming and they’re ready to hunt.

I never thought it would be me who would be their prey.

Confounded with the shock of recent revelations, I’m scared, confused, angry…

Yet again, I’m fleeing from those who seek to harm me.

With Azazel—the demon who hates me the most.

Hell must have frozen over.

With heaven falling and hell rising, all in the bid to find me, I soon have nowhere left to run and only a few allies by my side. It’s time to stand and fight.

Fight for me and all that I love, or die trying…

*A Blaze of Stars & Dawn is Book 3 in the Watcher Series. If you enjoy reading paranormal romance packed full of action, adventure, and heat, with a funny, sarcastic heroine and a deeply dark antihero, then this series is for you. This is book 3 in a three-book series; you should not read this book if you have not read book 1 and book 2.

This book is recommended for audiences of 18+ due to the terminology, language, and sexual content.

Start the series with Book 1, which you can find here: A Glow of Stars & Dusk

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