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USA Today Bestselling Author


Today I became a USA Today Bestselling author with the Midnight Whispers Anthology, which contains my book "A Glow of Stars & Dusk."

This is Book 1 in my Watcher Series and is a paranormal romance book. The female main character (FMC) is funny, down to earth and really might benefit from thinking before speaking... She is a psychic who is accused of being a witch the night that six demons come hunting for her, as they need her to perform a spell to lift a curse. Cue trouble and disasters...

This book will be available mid May on it's own, but for now, you can grab it in the Midnight Whispers Anthology.

Book description:

A Glow of Stars & Dusk

One psychic. Six demons. And a whole lot of trouble.

I am your typical, admittedly anti-social woman who lives alone in the rural Highlands of Scotland. I also happen to be a clairvoyant who can summon the dead. It's a pity the souls I talk to didn't give me a heads-up on the night six demons came hunting for me.

Their leader believes I am a witch and refuses to let me go until I have performed a spell to lift a blood curse. A spell I do not understand and one that I cannot read. But does he listen? No. Is he infuriating? Yes. Is he hotter than hell? Well…obviously.

Being thrust into the world of demons is terrifying. I mean, they travel with hellhounds, and they’re not the only demons hunting me either. Can I trust any of them? My once boring life is in their hands, and I’m in over my head.

Fighting my ever-growing attraction to the arrogant demon leader is hard enough let alone learning to use powers I never knew I had. But I am Star Elizabeth Archer, and all I know is that I need to learn, because a whole lot of trouble is coming my way. Fast.

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